About Us

Print Concepts Inc. Sewing Together A Quilted Picture of Success

Selling to the independent quilt shops, the company's client locales span throughout the US, Canada, Europe and the Far East. Selling mainly to distributors and independent quilt shops, Print Concepts strives to offer their customers the freshest looks and the most diversity possible. We want to stand out in the industry. Our uniqueness comes from our creative artwork and patterns. We produce very vibrant dimensional prints. There are many sources of inspirations such as nature, art, and travel

As for the future, the company is at no loss for creative ideas, and looks ahead for its lines to continue growing. We want more patterns and more artwork available to stores, as well as the size of our lines to increase. We hope to offer quicker delivery, better in-store position, and greater efficiency in reorder fulfillment. However, it will always be our creativity that will make us stand out from the rest. That is how we would like it to be..

Print Concepts Inc. 48 West 38th St New York, NY 10018 For more information, call (800) 511-1595.